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Thu, Oct 11, 2018 1:42 AM

Elements: Organizer 2019 Smart Tag management user interface

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Elements Organizer 2019

Smart tagging works well, given that it is not easy to analyze images.

However, I find the user interaction with smart tag management is unwieldy.

As part of trying the software, my catalog has only 11 images.

When I click on Search and select the Smart Tags display, some tagged images are not displayed even though there is ample room on the display.

I cannot find how to see what tags the analyzer has applied to an image unless I click on Remove Smart Tag in the Grid display in Media.
Also, it appears that I can remove only one tag at a time, from one image, even if I select several images

The Smart Tags display shows numbers in parentheses, but I do not see to what they correlate.  They are not the number of tags applied to the image.




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2 years ago

I consider that the 'smart tagging' feature is a very nice addition to conventional tagging. It can find non already created tags among a very big library;  you get a number of not related files, but many that would have been impossible to find. Even the 'wrong' files may be worth a good laugh...

However, the principle is that if you want to manage yourself those tags, you might simply add conventional tags the files found by the automatic search.

Since the launch of PSE2019, there are more Adobe Staff answering questions in the Elements user to user forum. You'll get more help on this relatively new feature than in the present forum.

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Thank you very much.
Let me underscore that I am reporting my thoughts on the user interface, not on smart tagging per se.  The ingenuity of the analyzer astonishes me; please congratulate your programmers.
Also, I consider the automatic tagger to be the first line, to be supplemented by my manual efforts.  I've seen complaints from others about the analyzer's assigning too many tags to images.  Presumably that would return unwanted images from a Search.  That could be mitigated by a mechanism to exclude tags in searches. 
(You are right about "wrong" results.  Beware arousing the ire of the world's cats whom Organizer identifies as dogs.)