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Sun, Aug 25, 2019 4:27 AM

Elements: Not downloading even after paying in apple store

i payed the amount for installing photoshop at apple store as per the procedure. but till date my app hasn't been downloaded and the money has been already charged from my account. either i want the refund of the same or a complete solution on urgent basis


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2 y ago

Hey there Neelam,  

That's probably not Adobe who sold it to you.  If so, call sales with an order number.  You can reach them with your name and password and search around for sales, and they can be in a chat too.  But make sure it's a real Adobe receipt before calling or chatting.  

You might have had a scam deal made to you.  Did you get the key for the download?  That usually comes in an email.  If not, it's a scam.  If so, try the download again.  If you think you have a good key, there is another download in another place then use the key to register.  

Best Resolution:  Call your bank to reverse the charge explaining you never bought the product.  For a cancel-fee on a credit card, usually around $35.00, they will reverse it.  The bank reverse is much easier even if it costs ya.  It doesn't damage credit.  Then try again with a real Adobe seller.  

Steve Lehman, mcse



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2 y ago

Hello Neelam,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience you had to face. Could you please go through this link once to see if it offers any solution to your problem?

Additionally, you can reach out to us at We'll try our level best to resolve this issue at the earliest.