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Fri, Jan 19, 2018 6:03 PM

Elements: Need a rectangular clone stamp

Have PSE18 and need a rectangular clone stamp.  Seems like this would be simple to add.




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3 years ago

What do you need a rectangular clone stamp for?

Select a rectangle part of the image, Ctrl J to paste it on a new layer. Use the move tool to place the layer where you want...

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3 years ago

You already have a rectangular, or triangle or whatever shape you want clone stamp, just do this step first.  Take the rectangular marque selection tool or lasso tool and make a selection about the area you need to clone stamp.  Get your target stamp area outside of that selection (alt + Left mouse key) then just paste it into the area you need to clone stamp that rectangle area to!  Then deselect when done and walla!  This also is very effective in fixing the bleed-over softening problem when using a soft brush!


Rich Barnum

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3 years ago

Although I have PSE13, I believe PSE18 is not that different.
So this is the way to get a square clone stamp. Rectangular are not available and I doubt Adobe will ever come with such an option. If you really need rectangular stamps you need to use one of the above mentioned ways.

After choosing Clone Stamp inside the editor, click on the small triangle at the RH side of the black brush picture which opens the Brush Preset Picker :

Now click on the small triangle next to the "Default Brushes" and a list of available brushes appears.
Square, fuzzy Stamps are available under "Drop Shadow Brushes"
Square, hard Stamps are available under "Square Brushes"

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3 years ago

I agree with all of the other responses. PSE is an economic version of PS CC and for the price I believe it is a very powerful and good value for money product.

The more you experiment the more powerful you can make it.   Playing with the brushes will give you more flexibility.