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Thu, Apr 18, 2019 1:02 PM


Elements: Missing Organizer function would be called "bulk rename" or "batch rename"

I've been using Photoshop Elements for years. Unfortunately, I painfully miss a feature that I find in a competitor product. But I do not want to switch to this product Therefore, I currently use Elements Organizer for my image data, for the simultaneous renaming of multiple files, the competitor product. It would be desirable if it is possible in a future version that you can rename multiple files at the same time and can install the creation date or the modification date in the file name with time. I could not find such a function. The function would be called "bulk rename" or "batch rename" in English.




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2 y ago

That renaming option is not available in the organizer, but it is available from the editor. It's in the menu File >> process multiple files. You can rename either the 'opened' files or from a subfolder.

Also note that you have still more renaming options in the downloader (advanced renaming) when you are importing your files into your catalogs.

If you use another external editor like FastStone, the result will be that the renamed files will appear as 'missing' or 'disconnected' in the organizer. If you immediately do a 'reconnect missing files' from the Files menu, you can reconnect easily since you know where those files are stored, especially if they are in the same folder.