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Wed, Sep 12, 2018 8:22 PM

Elements: Edge Problems with Shadows/Highlights and Haze Removal

I am wondering if the program could be improved so a glow does not appear around dark edges when using the Shadows/Highlights feature or Haze Removal feature.  I know we can pull back from extreme settings to reduce/remove the glow, but it would be nice to apply the enhancements from the features at stronger settings without a glowing edge effect.




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2 years ago

I would not describe the effect you are seeing as a 'glow'. Both features can work like curves to adjust the shadows and highlights tones, but they also add some local contrast like what you can do with 'unsharp mask' with large radius or a  high pass adjustment layer. That can be seen with strong adjustments.

It is often possible to apply the effect to a layer copy in 'darken' blend mode.

Tips to avoid the issue in Elements:
- Use separately a 'curves' adjustment and a local contrast one.
Use adjust color >> ajust color curves for curves,
Or use a black to white gradient map adjustment layer in luminosity mode to mimic a curve.

To add local contrast, either use 'Unsharp mask' with settings like amount =10 and radius = 50.
Or on a layer copy in softlight mode, use the filter other >> high pass with a radius above 10.

That's the local contrast action which creates the 'glow' you are seeing.

I practically no longer use the good old shadow/highlights adjustments now. I manage my jpegs as well as my raw files in ACR, and I find it much better and faster to get the right correction.