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Thu, Jan 11, 2018 4:09 PM

Elements: Duplicates and sorting

In Photoshop Elements 2018, I imported all my photos from iphotos and photos. They have come over in many multiple folders and are in totally random order. I want to order them according to the date they were taken, and not the date imported- in one large folder. From there i want to make albums. Example, I have photos imported in 2013, but were originally taken in 1944. Also, I now have many, many duplicates. Help please.


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3 years ago


I have Windows so the details may vary. Here is a process that may work for you. 
  1. Import all photos into a catalog (if you have not already done so)
  2. Click Media, All Media
  3. Set Sort by to Newest
  4. Click Events 
  5. Drag the Number of Groups slider to Max
  6. You should now see photos listed by individual dates
  7. Use the Calendar on the right side to select Year/Month
  8. You should now be able to select photos and create albums in those ranges
Let me know if this does what you want.


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3 years ago

If I understand your problem correctly, then you want to do 2 things:
  1. you want to order your image-photos according to the date they were taken by the camera
  2. you want to delete all the duplicates.
1. Order
PSE will order your images, regardless in which folder they are located, according to a few criteria, you can choose in the "sort by" field. Possible are: newest, oldest, by name and by import batch.
When you choose sorting by newest, then take notice that you can change the way the files are displayed within each day in the General Preferences.
But there is a caveat, PSE will look at the date stamp in the EXIF data field inside the photo file.
If that day is not correct (camera not set to correct date, time and time zone) then there is a possibility you have to change the date and time yourself. This is not difficult and your can set in the same General Preferences page to have the possibility of changing/adjusting Date and Time by clicking on thumbnail dates.
If there is no EXIF data then PSE will use the NTFS time and date stamp of Date Modified.

Photos taken in 1944 have either been digitized by using a camera (reproduction photography) or were scanned in using a scanning device. In both cases you need to adjust the date (time will most probably be of no importance) manually inside PSE to be displayed in the correct chronological way.

2. Duplicates
Deleting Duplicate Images is strictly a visual, manual job inside PSE. It's possible but not advisable. You would set the sort by name and then look for visual identical images and then check the in the Info/Tag column the Information for identical file properties.
Much better to use an file utility program that searches and displays duplicate files. 
Being a Windows user, I cannot help you in the Mac World which utility is the best for this job.
After you have deleted the duplicates according to the parameters you used in the file duplicate program, you can search for missing files inside PSE and delete them from the catalog.