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Mon, Dec 3, 2012 3:19 AM

Elements 7: How do I combine two pictures into one?

I am trying to take two 8x10 photos and make it into one photo to create a comp card of sorts. They are both centered 8x10 photos so blending them together doesn't put one image on each side. I was thinking I could combine the two pictures side by side and make it one image. I am using Elements 7. Can anyone help?


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8 y ago

To achieve what you want, here is what I would do.
1) open both images separately in PSE Editor
2) Make a new blank document using New>Blank File
3) set the size of image as 16x10
4) Go to the first image and right click on the layer and choose duplicate layer
5) In the destination field, choose the newly created document as the destination, it should be named as "untitled-1" if you haven't renamed it.
6) do the same with the second image
7) go back to the newly created image, choose the move tool and move the images so that they lie side by side. If required, resize them. If you can not see the whole image, use crtl(command)+0 to make the image FIT TO SCREEN

Please reply back if you have any more doubts.
Happy editing :)