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Wed, Sep 18, 2013 6:24 PM

Elements 5: can no longer launch on Vista home edition

My organizer doesn't recognize my editor. It states "attempt to access invalid address" when trying to edit photos. So w/o editing, my photoshop elements 5 is useless. It won't launch from program files either." PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe" just says "attempt to access invalid address" I am stumped. It worked on 8/27/13, No major changes since then. Windows Vista Home Edition. Dell Media Center computer (DImension E520,P4 E6300(1,86GHZ), HT) I also have CS4 but prefer to use Elements.


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8 y ago

Hi John,

I went through some of related issues and found that the reason is usually a newly installed program or software.
Can you please have a look at- and let us know if you recently installed some web browser after which this issue with PSE surfaced?


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If anyone out there is still running into this issue; many threads are advising to change Adobe PhotoShop to "Run as Administrator" (right click, got to compatibility tab and check box) I found that I did NOT need to uninstall Chrome - which most are citing as the problem. All I had to do was to reboot after changing administrator privileges. If you don't reboot the problem seems to remain.