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Fri, Apr 27, 2018 12:51 PM

Elements 2018: Organizer crashing

I am so far running this 30-day evaluation
version of Adobe Elements 2018 with the organizer software included. One of the
main reasons to buy this package is that after the Google ended their Picasaproduct, this seems like one of the best utilities to organize and search myphotographs using face recognition.

But... It seems that my collection of over 150 000photographs (800GB) are a bit too much to handle for this software. Afteralmost a month of processing Organizer has just processed 30% of my pictures,and it crashes approximately every second day, if I not restart the programmanually.

Are these two issues a known problem ofthis software? Will there be any patches or service packs to improve stabilityand/or improving the analyzing speed of the photographs?




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3 years ago

Indexing 150k images is a long process, especially when the catalog is located on a "ordinary" HDD!
My catalog of almost 50k images is located on a SSD and thus lightning fast. But the indexing (and face recognition) of importing hundreds of images does take time, even under such ideal conditions.

Then there is something that I noticed several months ago. I couldn't use face recognition suddenly not anymore. The problem is handled in a thread called "Elements 13: Max. size of catalog reached?"
In short, I believe the breeze data index for face recognition can hold only 99,999 files and when this number is reached, face recognition stops and possibly, crashes occur.
The solution is to rename the BreezeData Folder and PSE will create a new BreezeData Folder.
The default location of the catalog folder is:
C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs 
Then navigate to the catalog name you are using currently and go to the subfolder called BreezeData. Before renaming, close PSE.