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Wed, Jan 24, 2018 4:39 AM

Elements 2018: GPS metadata location bug

Hello, I switched from PSE 11 to PSE 2018 today and I’m very frustrated about a bug with the geo location functionality in the Organizer.I placed some photos on the map in the Organizer, so that my photos are tagged with a GPS location.Than I used the function to write this location data into the meta data (EXIF data) of the files. After that I recognized that the GPS data in the files have been truncated and rounded, so that the GPS location in the files meta data is incorrect.A short look into the Adobe Support Forum confirmed me, that several other users a facing the same issue and it has not been fixed since a long time.So my question is: When will Adobe provide a fix for the current version of PSE 2018, which will solve this problem? Or will this bug ignored by Adobe?At the moment the Tag functionality is useless for me.Please provide some feedback to the users. Regards


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