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Wed, May 29, 2019 7:01 PM

Elements 19: Panorama Stitching is now highly inefficient

Elements 19: Panoramas are now highly inefficient. I just upgraded from 13 to 19 and do a significant amount of panorama stitching. I was very disapointed to find that the process has become so ineffecient. Every time I have to switch to " Guided"....then open the pics you want to stitch before it lets you click on panorama, then when you do click Panorama it closes down the Photo Bin so then you have to reopen it, then select the photos again, then stitch it. And then after it does this you have you click again into expert mode and then manually close out of every single photo in your panorama. Please, please tell me there is a shortcut or update coming that resolves all these extra steps and time!.that is ridiculously inefficient




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2 y ago

The workflow you are describing is indeed inefficient.
If you care about workflow and efficiency, simply use the organizer and don't switch back and forth between guided and expert mode.
- Advantages about using the organizer: Simply highlight the items to be merged, then use the menu Edit >> photomerge. You are now in guided automatically. Set your preferences and process ... When you save, you are in expert mode. No need to bother about the photo bin. Anyway, you don't have manual adjustments options unless you get back to the layers and masks in the layers panel of expert mode.
- If you don't want the organizer, remember that you are already in the third way to start photomerge... Don't expect a 4th way or getting back to an older way! Once the automatic merging process has been performed, you can save or open in quick or expert mode. In the bottom icon bar you can hide/reveal the photo bin. The 'Done' button on the right of that bottom icon bar gets you to the beginning of the 'guided' mode (to add another effect if you want). You can switch back to expert mode if you want, but it's simpler to ignore the 'Done' button and to click on continue in expert mode.

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2 y ago

I found the easiest way the one Michel described as 'using the organizer'......