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Sun, Jun 4, 2017 3:33 AM


Elements 15: Will NOT open in Windows 10 (post latest Windows update)

I had used Photoshop Elements 15 successfully on my Windows 10 computer (it came with Windows 10; not an upgrade). This past week there was a major Windows update (I even received a System warning me it would take some time which it did).

Now my Photoshop 15 program just has the bar moving that shows it is opening but it never opens. The Organizer and Adobe Premiere 15 do open but Organizer is being picky about closing; using Task Manager for that but since I never have used the Organizer that may or may not be normal.

I've tested my other programs. Sketchable (I have the full version) works fine, WORD etc Online work fine as do my internet programs. Just Photoshop has totally glitched out on me. And there's no one to contact at Adobe today.

So, in finishing, all I can say is "HELP!!".

Thank you


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4 years ago

Hello Linda Jo

Reinstall your Adobe program or uninstall the Windows update.  It's located in Settings>Update>History of updates.  You can uninstall them.  It may not fix your problem.  Either way, you may need to reinstall the program.  If it came with Windows 10, it has an install key.  

Some things might disappear after a Windows 10 update.   On mine, my print drivers disappear.  Installing them again is a hassle but I chock it up to being a regular routine.   It doesn't take long even with 6 printers.   It does not mean that Windows 10 is unstable.   It simply means that Microsoft has the usual "release it now" syndrome, and most releases are not bug-free.  

Windows updates have been the same with all the Windows versions.   Finicky.   Sorry, I don't have a major fix for ya.   Like you said, it's a glitch.   It makes us engineers look stupid but with updates, Microsoft would probably want to know what it's doing to your apps.   Their test engineers will test the hardware with what Windows might do, but they don't test Windows with lots of different apps, because there are really too many.  As a former test engineer, I didn't spend a lot of time with apps that were not made at Microsoft.  And our area didn't mess with any Microsoft apps.  

Sorry, I don't have much else for ya.   

Steve Lehman, MCSE responding   

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I deleted the Photoshop 15 that wasn't working. Then I downloaded and installed the same version of Photoshop 15.


Thank you for your kind help. And I've made note of the location for uninstalling Windows updates should issues occur again.

With much gratitude,

Linda Jo

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Steve is correct in addition, Linda, food for thought, always check when updates to windows are complete, look for all to be Successful, if not, try to fix the issue with what Microsoft recommends.  Often times the unsuccessful update will reinstall at a later date.  This can cause the system to behave buggy.  Allways scan for malware ect.