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Sun, Apr 1, 2018 8:34 AM

Elements 15: Error writing file during backup to FAT32 volume

I've been trying to backup my PSE15 catalog and tried it several times, unfortunately the backup always failed while backing up certain file. I looked at the file, copied it and there was no problem.

I had around 57k pictures in my catalog, so I checked whether perhaps the external HDD was the problem - and indeed, it was formatted as FAT32 and as I checked, the maximum number of files was around 65k in one folder, so perhaps that was the cause.

I converted the drive to NTFS and tried again - no problems.

Adobe PSE team - could you please include a check for this, if you think the number of files is higher than what FAT32 allows, please warn users!!!



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a year ago

FYI, I experienced the same problem, which was also solved by switching to a NTFS formatted drive.