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Fri, Aug 31, 2018 8:31 PM

Elements 14: Editor will not open in Windows 10 after a recent Windows update.

 The Elements 14 Photo Editor will not open, but the organizer will.  It worked fine for a long time in Windows 10, but after a recent Windows update it quit.  No error message is given, the editor just won't do anything if I click on it.  The organizer will open.  I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it.  This did not fix it.  How do I fix it?


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2 years ago

Things to try / think about:

1. Try running compatibility mode. Right click on the exe file and click on properties. Click on the Compatibility tab. Click on the Compatibility Troubleshooter. This Troubleshooter will pick a version of Windows that allows the exe to run. If it still does not work, on Compatibility Tab, try checking Turn Off Full Screen Optimizations.

2. Another possible cause is that the video driver needs an update. Microsoft has been making ongoing changes to the driver interface (internal code) in Windows 10. They are trying to make Windows more secure from privileged mode hacks and fewer BSODs from erroneous code in drivers.

In order for the driver to be included in a Microsoft Update, the driver has to be certified by Microsoft to run on the latest version of Windows 10. This can take time. So the Video Card manufacturer may have a working update some time before it becomes available through Microsoft. Bottom line is to check the Video Card manufacturer's web site or the PC / Laptop manufacturer's web site for an update.

3. FYI: There has been a message to Photoshop CC 2018 users that the latest update of Photoshop only runs on the most recent version of Windows. I haven't seen an announcement about Elements. Comparing Photoshop CC and Elements is apples and oranges. But there is some shared code. Just a thought that maybe its time to upgrade your version of Elements.

Hope this helps. 



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2 years ago

No doubt you have been hit like thousands of other users by the issue created by Microsoft in their last Windows 10 (1083) update.
Follow the step by step instructions to edit the registry.