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Mon, Dec 21, 2015 9:45 AM

Elements 14: Crashes when trying to Save for Web

PSE14 crashes every time I try to 'save for web'. After restarting, saving for web works for the first trial, but not for the next one. Same procedure. It crashes silent, with no note or warning. I handle only downsized photos, i.e. 1500x1000px.That is very annoying and not what I call a workflow.First with Windows 7, now also with Windows 10.Grrrr....


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4 years ago

I have similar experience. But have no answers from any user nor from the 'Chief Customer Advocate'. Does Adobe has a tech support tel number? Why can't they print on the box of the Software CD?

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4 years ago

HI ,

Just try after deleting - Save for web preferences
quit the application
go to %appdata% \Roaming\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\14.0\Plugins
Rename the folder "Plugins" to "Plugins_old"
Now use the save for web