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Wed, Nov 12, 2014 8:02 PM

Elements 13-up: Slideshow missing features, unable to support upgrade from earlier versions

I recently upgraded from Elements 9 to combined Elements + Premiere 13 with the express intention of creating a DVD from a slideshow created in Elements 9. I am extremely unhappy to discover that the slideshow functionality previously supported in v9 is no longer available. Specifically: transitions between slides and the ability to associate music with the slideshow. I have spent over £100 to upgrade as well as a considerable amount of time and effort. Please can Adobe please provide a 'downgrade' to v12 so that I can still use my slideshow functionality? Adobe have falsely misrepresented their 'upgrade' - which was actively marketed in my earlier version without any 'buyer beware' warnings.


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4 years ago

I think you need Adobe Spark.  The slide show was separated from Photoshop Elements.   As a slide show maker, it will process everything into one show, including graphics, words, photos, into one slide show.  It's great for for photos only, and it's been used for forums and blogs.  You can find Adobe Spark at:  Get started for free.   

Steve Lehman, MCSE responding   

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Thanks Steve,
Does Adobe Spark include the Captions entered into PE15?