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Sun, Apr 27, 2014 11:42 PM

Elements 12 stops working after 2 to 5 minutes

I recently upgraded from Photoshop elements 8 to elements 12. When I start Photoshop elements 12 and load my translated catalog, Photoshop Elements 12 stops working after two to five minutes. I am running elements 12 version I am running Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 on a Dell desktop with a i7 CPU. I am running Java version 7.0.510 and Microsoft NET Framework 4.5.1. This same behavior (photoshop stops working after a few minutes) occurs on my Dell laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. My digital photo catalog contains approximately 9400 items in 459 folders (all still photos) for a total of approximately 30 GB. Please advise me on a solution.


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6 years ago

To open registry editor, please follow step #1 and #2 from my blog:

and create the registry entry as shown in following image:

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6 years ago

Before I do the registry operation, let me first give you an update. I ran a check disk on my hard drive two days ago and it found one bad sector and said it repaired a photo that is in my Elements catalog. The file name is DSC_1191.NEF. So I deleted that file from the PSE8 catalog. I then wanted to reconvert that PSE8 catalog to PSE12 and start fresh, but it doesn't give me that option from within PSE12. That catalog does not show up as one of the choices, I guess because I had previously converted it (I checked the box to show previous conversions, but it only lets me open up the already converted catalog. So I opened it and deleted the file from there, and within two minutes PSE12 had the old problem and had to shut down, just like before. Is there a way for me to get the conversion to work so I can get a fresh start? Do I have to first delete the PSE12 catalog before trying the conversion again?