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Tue, Dec 18, 2012 2:39 AM

Elements 11: problems with Shutterfly

I recently purchased Photoshop Elements 11. I am very happy with the software, but very unhappy with the partner "Shutterfly" you selected as the only choice available to produce and print the projects I create in Elements such as greeting cards, and photobooks. I have ordered three things from Shutterly and they have made mistakes on every single order, and even on their attempts to correct their mistake, they made the exact same production error a second time. As I live in Canada, there is only one shipping method they offer that takes OVER 10 days to reach me and they say they have no way of an other shipping method. I find that completly unacceptable and I would strongly recommend you find another production partners for Elements. I have created photobooks with Apple and Picaboo before and I have had perfect results, next day shipping etc. I do a lot of online shopping and ordering from US retailers and I always have faster shipping options available. The service from Shutterfly is completely unacceptable and I would strongly recommend you change production partners. It really is too bad you lock your users in to dealing with Shutterfly and that you do not allow another choice, because they are a very bad choice. Thanks.


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8 years ago

If you are facing problems with Shutterfly, you can always convert your creations into PDF or jpeg files and upload them to your favorite print partner.