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Tue, Dec 18, 2012 5:48 PM

Elements 11: don't like changes, went back to 9

I recently purchased PSE11 and I have to say, I expected an upgrade from 9. What I got instead is an application with a completely new interface and the inability to do two of the most basic things I primarily use. Crop, I used to be able to change the aspect ratio from vertical to horizontal or vice versa by simply clicking on the crop tool bar. Size, I used to be able to resize to 1024 pixels vertically or horizontally now in 11, there is no apparent pixel choice. I have uninstalled 11 so that I can go back to 9. Thankful that 9 wasn't uninstalled when upgrading, thanks.


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8 years ago

I think you evaluated PSE11 without giving it enough time. Sure the UI of the application has changed but I believe there is almost no functionality loss. Let me address both your problems in PSE11.

If you could check the image, the double headed arrow button can be clicked to switched from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa
Also if you could just enter value in text boxes in the tool bar, you can crop with your chosen dimension. For example: to crop with 1024 pixel wide image, type "1024px" in the text box with label "W:" Please note that if you just type "1024" it would take up your default ruler dimension which can be set from Preferences>Units and Rulers

If you have already purchased PSE11, I would suggest you to give it a try again as there are a couple of more changes made in PSE11