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Mon, Sep 10, 2018 3:00 PM

Elements 11: Backup of Organizer

I've not found a solution to the problem I'm having in my attempts to move my catalog to another computer. Here's what I've already done in addition to reading relevant threads.

Elements Organizer
Core Version: 11.0 (20120923.r.32287)
Language Version: 11.0 (20120923.r.32287)

Current Catalog:
Catalog Name: Photo-ALL
Catalog Location: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\Photo-ALL\
Catalog Size: 133.6MB
Catalog Cache Size: 1.4GB

I am attempting to move my Photoshop Elements catalog andphotographs from a Windows 10 computer to a new Windows 10 computer. My cataloghas 35147 items in it. Mostly jpeg, some psd, zero videos.  

I first attempted to use File/Backup Catalog. My backupdestination was an external hard drive. Backup failed with a message that afile named 20150627_1481.jpg could not be saved. I deleted that file from theorganizer and tried again. Another failure that file 20150627_1482.jpg couldnot be saved.

I performed the File/Manage Catalogs/ and optimized andrepaired that catalog, even though a message said that a repair was not needed.After this, the backup again failed.  Inall cases, a large number of files were backed up, but the needed final file wasnot created, so the backup cannot be used to restore.

I manually backed up all my photo files to an external driveby copying them with Windows Explorer. I then attempted to copy the Photoshopcatalog files from C:\Program data\Adobe\Elements Organizer\ Catalogs\AllPhotos.  The name of my catalog is AllPhotos. In that folder there are 8 files and two folders. The eight files werecopied successfully. The folder named WaldoData has 3 files that copiedsuccessfully. The folder named BreezeData has 37,443 items in it. Of those, thefirst 29,665 listed as sorted by name were copied. Windows will not copy thefiles numbers 29666 and above.

With Photoshop Elements 11 organizer open, I can see thethumbnails displayed for all files and am able to open and edit them. I canalso access view the jpeg files with other software. The jpeg files appear tobe good.

The metadata (tags) have been saved to the jpegs, but thepsd files cannot include metadata. I am considering copying the jpeg files tomy new computer. Maybe create a new catalog and then import all the JPEGs. Thatwould require rebuilding my tree showing the tags  but may be the only way to recover.

Is there a way to complete a backup that will allow me tomove my photoshop catalog to my new computer?




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2 years ago

You are reporting two different issues:
1 - It appears that some jpeg files are creating an error message in the backup process
2 - There is something wrong in the 'BreezeData' folder which stores info about file recognition.

I don't know if both issues are related or independent.
The message about a problem file may concern this file, but can also suggest following files have the same issue. Not obvious at all to troubleshoot and find what is wrong with the file.
The problem with BreezeData probably means that there is no hope to save face recognition.

I would do the following test:
- create a new catalog folder including only the 'catalog.pse11db' database file.
- with the organizer closed, start it by doube clicking on the 'catalog.pse11db' file.
That should create a 'light' catalog without face recognition. The missing components (not face recognition) will be recreated, be patient.
After testing that you have recovered your tagging, captions, stacks, version sets, ratings and albums, try to create a full backup and see if you still get errors related to some jpeg files.

If you want to reimport files in a new catalog, the 'write metadata to files' command will work not only on jpegs, but also with psd or raw files.

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2 years ago

Michel, thank you for your guidance. That is an approach I would never have thought of on my own. I'll apologize for not being able to attempt to do it as you described. I am fortunate that I had already saved all my folders with photos to an external drive, with the metadata. The old computer hard drive has all but completely died - gives errors and computer shuts down. Could be hours between crashes. So I did create a new catalog on my new computer and was successful in loading all the folders and files. I imported the photos into the catalog and the tags were all imported. I need to spend some time reorganizing categories and tags, but that is a small thing compared to a more catastrophic end. So, my data is okay, just a little more work than expected. I guess it's good to back up more than one way.  Actually, I had my data backed up three ways, and only the most manual method ended up saving my data. Again, thank you for taking your time to help me. Maybe it will help others.

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a year ago

FYI, I experienced a similar problem in not being able to complete a backup and hit a limit of 65272 items. I now think that this may have been due to my external hard drive being formatted for FAT32 rather than NTFS.