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Sat, Jun 3, 2017 12:34 AM

Elements 10: Editing problems

In my Photoshop 10, when I edit pictures in my catalog, it will only allow me to edit a few at a time. After a few pics it quits responding and I have reboot my computer. Anyone have a solution?




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3 years ago

You don't give any other details that you are on Elements 10 (old version) and you only can 'edit a few' at a time for pictures 'in your catalog'. Elements quits responding = no message?
Without more information I can only make guesses: you are in an old Elements version, perhaps on an old computer and OS (Mac or Win, version, hardware specs like RAM size...) and you are perhaps opening a number of files from the organizer to the editor at the same time? How many pictures can you open at the same time? Did it work before?

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3 years ago

Hello Annette, 

Version 10 is not supported.  I have Photoshop Elements 10.  I don't use its catalog to organize photos.   It times out with other things too.  Version 10 works the same way when I copy photos from the web via the clipboard.   It simply stops that function.   I close the program and reopen it.   Have you noticed it resets all the tools to their default settings after closing and reopening the program?   Frustrating.   But that's why Adobe created a newer version.  Get version 15.   Then you will have another set of things you like and dislike.    I am sorry for the problems in version 10.   It does even more weird things for me too.   But I keep it for certain tasks.   Sorry I can't be as helpful as you may have expected.  

Steve Lehman, mcse responding