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Sun, Mar 3, 2019 7:16 PM

Elemenents 2018 will not open.

My PS Elements 2018 installed in March 2018 is no longer opening, If I start from splash screen, it hangs on opening Media Core components. It will not open from with Editor.

A response on Community Forums recommended launching from the PSE Organizer .exe file and while opening hit Crtl+Alt+Shift to open a settings menu - no menu and still failed to load.
Adobe support told me that PSE 2018 Organizer does not run under latest Win 10 and thaqt I must upgrade (and pay) for the 2019 upgrade!
I am now left with a 1 year old inoperable application?


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2 years ago

Hi Mark, I also use PSE2018 and Win10 latest version. So far I have luckily not encountered the problem you report.
I always start with the Organiser which opens ok although it can be slow. If I need the Editor I then take each photo one by one from there.
Good luck! David