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Tue, Aug 20, 2019 3:45 PM


Lightroom Web Edition Social Collaboration

We are using Adobe Lightroom CC Album sharing to deploy social media posts and ads. We are an agency and need to share our albums with our Social Media Marketing Partner. We like the ability to have every aspect ratio of all the major social media channels auto presets. We use the organization feature to place the aspect ratios into silos, 4x5, 16x10 landscape, story 9x16 and etc. What we need is not only the ability to let others add photos who have creative cloud accounts but to also arrange and delete images. This feature would extend the add collaborators feature to allowing the album to appear in their Lightroom Web Edition App Library. In other words, full-cycle collaboration. Adobe is about PRODUCTIVITY more than simple photo sharing with family and friends. I would think that if demonstrated as a robust Social Media Ad deployment platform you would get more engagement and usage out of this software. Right now it's not a professional tool and I am doing gymnastics with multiple steps to achieve an elegant handoff that still is lacking functionality.


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