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Wed, Jun 12, 2019 10:54 PM

Lightroom for web: Thumbnail crops not consistent in web preview

Latest Lightroom CC running on mac os 10.13.6

Grid View with spacing.
In the web browser when I goto share gallery any photos uploaded with 9x16 aspect ratio are inconsistent thumbnail crops. All other aspect ratios are fine. I assure that all the images in question are consistently 1080x1920 portrait.


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2 y ago

Thanks for reporting Stuart,

I've got a couple of followup questions to make sure I understand the issue you're seeing:
* With the inconsistent cropping, does the size of the cropped image vary, or is it what part of the image that gets cropped different between images?
* Did you change the theme on the share (the choices are "Photo Grid", "One-Up" and "Column")