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Wed, Sep 21, 2016 11:01 AM

When we will get Adobe Spark for Android?


I'm wondering, why there is still no Android version of Adobe Spark. Would be nice for Instagram etc. 



Adobe Administrator


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4 years ago

Hi Markus. Thanks for the inquiry. Spark for Android is on the radar as something we would love to offer. There aren't any timelines at the moment, but when we get there we will make announcements letting everyone know. 

In the mean time we have our desktop web-based version of spark ( available to all.

Many thanks,
Sasha from Team Spark.

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3 years ago

Hello, any updates? Really disappointing it's taking this long to bring the app to 80% of the global mobile users...

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3 years ago

One year later and Android users are still being treated as second-class citizens I see...