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Tue, Feb 27, 2018 8:44 PM


Things I need to make my editing experience perfect

I’d really like to be able to transfer my workflow completely over to iPad someday, using Lightroom and affinity photo. it just doesn’t feel like lightroom mobile has enough features or is stable enough for that yet. But nevertheless I’m trying it out right now. I haven’t edited a photo using Lightroom on desktop for about a month now and I’m continuing to make better and better photos. Thanks for the progress you’ve made of mobile so far, but I still feel tied to Lightroom desktop just enough for it to be irritating. It’s slow and crashes a lot on my low end Mac mini. I’d much rather pay $1000 for a new iPad Pro than $2000 for a new Mac especially when technology seems to be moving toward mobile. All I really need to break away from desktop completely is a few features. Ability to make virtual copies, image merge (hdr and panorama), more flexibly for file export are a few of the main ones.


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