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Sun, May 19, 2019 9:10 AM

Target album not respected when taking pictures

When taking a picture with the LR Mobile app, the picture is not stored in the album you were in when you pressed the camera button.

1) You are in an empty album (here target album)

2) You can either import or take a picture using this button:

3a) Importing pictures from the camera roll etc imports the pictures in the album

(By the way, there’s a GUI or translation mistake in French -I cannot switch langage, unfortunately- It should be import TO and not from)

3b) Taking pictures, however, does not import it in the album but only in the LR Camera.
-> This makes no sense to me as it’s not consistent with the import button
-> When you are in an album, you expect to import pictures in this album
All in all, importing pictures in no album makes no sense to me...


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