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Tue, Jan 3, 2017 7:36 PM


Sharpening/noise reduction in LR Mobile

I think LRM is great and use it to cull and edit all of my photos. As I import into LR (desktop) from my memory card, I add the photos to a new collection that is synced to LRM. I can do 80 - 90% of my editing on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch with Apple pencil. I do review all photos later on my desktop to ensure everything looks good before I print, export or publish.

As I said, I am very happy with LRM but would really like to see the ability to sharpen and reduce noise. It would reduce the time required on my desktop and make mobile editing more efficient.

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4 years ago

I'd like to add my request for this feature.

I am trying to go all-in on iOS, and lack of sharpening and noise reduction in Lightroom is one of the big things tying me to the Mac. It seems short-sighted to include the ability to process raw files without sharpening and noise reduction. Yes, you can do a crude radial filter with some form of sharpening and noise reduction, but the results are nowhere near as good.

iOS shouldn't be treated any differently from the Mac. I want to be able to produce the same quality of work from my iPad as I can from my laptop.

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4 years ago

Agree with both of the above, currently this is the biggest weak point in lightroom mobile. Existing features should be brought up to the ability of full lightroom in terms of options and adjustments before new features are added. The generic sharpening and noise reduction local adjustments are really underpowered and do require the full lightroom to carry out properly.

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3 years ago

Two must-have features! I wonder why these are not already present.

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3 years ago

They are present on iOS. They're still being worked on on Android.