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Thu, Aug 29, 2019 9:24 PM


Remove Chromatic Aberration default to ON

I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to have it automatically remove CA? For that matter, just bury the setting in the ON position!


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2 y ago

Same goes for profile correction. Even more as you can’t copy settings to more than one image (should also be tackled...)
Could be a simple setting “apply upon import”. Could add “auto wb”, “auto tone”, ...



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2 y ago

It's not on by default because it has performance implications and in some rare cases, can actually create new fringing.

That said, being able to set our own defaults/import presets would be a big plus. Copying settings to multiple photos is already on the "soon" list as it already came to Android a release or so back.

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4 m ago

He borrado sin querer el ajuste preestablecido de “añadir marca de agua” y no puedo seleccionar ninguna posicion ON! Porque no existe ya en la app al haberla eliminado.

quiero saber como se puede reestablecer dicho ajuste e incluirlo de nuevo.