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Sun, Apr 22, 2018 6:17 AM


Quick Camera Button

If to make lightroom main camera app on iPhone add a quick jump to camera button on all views. Or set a defaults home selections under settings.

Then when you need to take picture, no wading through menus to get to taking photos, just on touch and you are there




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3 years ago

Wouldn't that be great! Unfortunately iOS doesn't allow changing the default camera app.

If you have a phone that can do 3DTouch, try a deep press on the LR icon and then it shows a button to take you straight to the camera, or you can also add the Lightroom widget to your Notifications screen, which is quite quick to access.

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A I don’t have 3D touch, I use the widget to take pictures with LR. You can even access it when the phone is locked.
The drawback is is that you have to unlock the phone before accessing the app and be able to take pictures, ans LR doesn’t load as fast as the phone app. The good news is the RAW quality