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Thu, Aug 30, 2018 4:43 AM


Question: Built-in Lens Profile Applied

I have recently started shooting in DNG format using the Lr app camera. When I open these images in Lr CC on my desktop computer, in the optics section it says:
"Built-in Lens Profile Applied. This raw file contains a built-in lens profile for correcting vignetting. The profile has already been applied automatically to this image."

It doesn't say this anywhere in the optics section of the Lr mobile app... and I have my import settings configured to apply lens corrections to all files automatically. Yet, even if I do tick the "Enable Lens Correction" box, it does alter the image.
So, is it unnecessary for me to automatically apply lens correction if the correction has already been made? Should I leave the lens correction box unticked?
I guess I'm just a little confused.




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2 years ago

Built-in lens corrections uses the opcodes embedded in the file by the manufacturer. In this case, they decided to only correct lens vignetting, and this is applied regardless of which app you're using.  

You can then check the checkbox to apply a Lightroom lens profile which will correct distortion, which isn't being corrected by the manufacturer's built in corrections.

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