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Fri, Aug 11, 2017 12:55 PM


Offer remote support for tablets in Lightroom (Development Module) e.g. IPad Pro

What I would like is to work with a tablet (including pen) like iPad Pro the same as having a Wacom Cintiq display.
So basically the iPad should "mirror" the computer screen via WLAN (connection should set up automatically when having a running Lightroom application in the WLAN network). Basically it doesn't need to mirror, but offer an adapted view of the modifications calculated by the host computer (e.g. using GPU acceleration).
That way the cons of having a real mirror (resolution doesn't match, display will be compressed hard via transfer, usage is very slow when changing parameters) are avoided and an app could provide the best option for each tablet. Editing photos via pen (either Lightroom or even Photoshop) is much easier than using the mouse...

Thanks for reading!


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4 years ago

Just seen this on another forum: Some people complained about colors being off and it's a subscription based model. Plus it's Mac only... But definitely cheaper than a Cintiq.