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Sun, Jun 13, 2021 3:28 PM

Lr Mobile Camera capture button simply stops working

I'm using Lightroom Mobile Camera on my Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android 11), but after 4 pictures, it won't capture anything anymore.  The rest of the app keeps working fine, I can still set my SS, WB etc, even the on-screen button itself changes color when clicked, but nothing happens. The volume keys don't work either (when this problem happens).

I tried resetting the camera to default settings, I tried reinstalling the app, and nothing, the only solution I've found is to exit the camera then re-enter, to get 4 more pictures. It's not an issue of space, in these 4 picture intervals I can stack dozens and dozens of them in my library, but it's very annoying and I have to count, otherwise I can spend half an hour taking perfect shots, only to come home and realize 99% of them were never captured to begin with.

I've tried Googling about this, but I haven't found anyone with a similar problem, let alone a solution, any idea what could be causing this?


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1 m ago

We were able to reproduce this on our end and have logged a bug. Thanks for reporting.