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Sun, Nov 11, 2018 4:55 PM


LR CC mobile adding keywords not really functional

One of the main reasons I moved to LR many years ago was the ease adding keywords to my photos. This is still my number 1 priority, although I have to admit that the tools nowadays available within Lightroom to tweak my photos are highly welcomed.

I am very disappointed by the way adding keywords is implemented in LR CC mobile (for my iPad). I can’t even select multiple photos to add keywords in one step. I have to add keywords to every single photo one after the other. Although having automated tagging and intelligent search functions is a nice thing it will never completely be a substitute for the adding of individual keywords.

Please add at least the possibility to select multiple photos to add keywords! Traveling light is getting more important every day and one of the basic LR functions(=organizing photos) should not be neglected!

Hubertus Lemke

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2 years ago

Hubertus, are you aware keywords don’t sync between iPad and LR Classic? I don’t know if you’ve migrated to the « new » LR or stayed with Classic, but in case you didn’t know, now you do