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Tue, Sep 24, 2019 2:49 PM

Lightroom mobile will not import Fuji raw files

I have subscribed to photography plan and I am able to process Nikon raw files , but Fuji raf. files are unable to process. Just getting a black empty file .
I have a 2nd gen. iPad Pro with iOS and apps all up to date. Have tried compressed and uncompressed raf files setting on my Fuji x-h1.
Any advice will be appreciated


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2 y ago

Please post
Your iOS Version Number:
Lightroom mobile Version Number:

Also, how are you ingesting the Fuji XH-1 files into your Lightroom Ecosystem. Cable import on Mobile, Originals via the Lightroom Desktop App, Smart Previews via the Lightroom Classic App, or originals uploaded to Lightroom Web?

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2 y ago

Hi Rick, I have iPad Pro 2.Gen as well and a Fuji X-T20. Only uncompressed Raw is possible via SD card adapter.