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Wed, Oct 9, 2019 2:43 PM


Lightroom Mobile: Unified Preset List

I've been using Lightroom for iOS and iPadOS a lot recently, and one feature that would better streamline my editing workflow would be a unified presets list in conjunction with the separate preset folders.

Maybe when tapping the presets drop-down, users could be presented with an "All Presets" option.

I understand that I could consolidate all of my presets into one folder, or make copies of them for a separate "All Presets" folder, but this would eliminate the need for the user to take the extra steps, especially when large preset collections are concerned.

I would also like the ability to have multiple preset folders open at the same time in Lightroom for iPadOS, instead of just one.

Would either of these features be useful to anyone else?




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2 y ago

Is that to be able to find a specific preset more easily? Or how do you imagine it helping? I think I can see a benefit to it, but I'm wondering if a filter preset name might be useful in that scenario.