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Tue, Jan 2, 2018 8:11 AM

Lightroom Mobile: Speed rating while editing / customizing gestures

Lightroom 3 has „intentionallly“ broken a number of very quick and effective features of Lightroom 2 on iPad/iPhone, which both frustrates me and slows down my photo editing on the iPad quite a bit.Here’s a list of things that frustrate me the most:1. I love the speed rating feature of Lightroom and I’m grateful that it returned to the app. However, in order to rate a photo, I now have to select the „Rate & Review“ mode first. Previously, I could use speed rating directly while editing pictures. Now, if quickly want to rate or add a star to an image I just edited, i need to click on review, add the rating, and then click back on edit in order to process the next image - that’s three clicks instead of one swipe! Therefore: please bring back speed rating to th edit mode!2. You changed a lot of the gestures in Lightroom 3, especially there is no quick gestures anymore to paste edit settings (the long press is now the compare original/edited photo). I used the copy/paste gesture a lot, and now if I want to do this, I need to click on „...“ in the top right, choose „copy settings“, go to the next picture, click „...“ again and choose „paste settings“ - that is very cumbersome! I know that people have different workflows, but for me that’s just too many clicks.Therefore: please allow a customization of gestures for different commands!3. One last smaller issue: ratings of photos are only shown in the grid view or in the “Rate & Review” Mode, but not in the edit mode (neither in the picture info nor in the image bar at the bottom), please add them again!Adobe, please fix these things! Lightroom is such a great app, but it really annoys me to see you killing very useful features (that were there before!).


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3 years ago

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks for your input!

These are all really cool ideas. If you make each one a separate post as an Idea then other members can vote on them too.