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Sun, Nov 25, 2018 4:50 PM

Lightroom mobile "Skipped imported duplicate"

Hello! I use Lightroom since few months, and I never had any problems before. But since few days I can't import my photos on Lightroom mobile on android but every time I have this message "skipped imported duplicate". The photos aren't in the catalog, I can't find it so they're not duplicate. The photos are ". jpeg"


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2 years ago

From where are you importing the photos? How are you importing them? Can you describe in detail your steps?

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a year ago

I have the same issue. But I found a work around. In the album app, under the share button , there is a send to lightroom option.

The same image that light room "skipped import duplicate" is successfully imported to lightroom mobile this way. Im using an Android Sony Experia.