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Wed, Sep 26, 2018 12:46 PM

Lightroom Mobile: Please increase the quality of saved/exported JPEGs

Currently, the saved quality of JPEGs on Lightroom (LR) mobile and Lightroom CC for the PC are quite different. The JPEGs that I save on my iPad (RAW to JPEG) using LR mobile, are about 1/2 the size as the JPEGs that I save on LR CC for my PC.

I realize LR Mobile is for mobile devices, but professional photographers should have the option to convert RAWs to JPEGs at the best quality (100%) or TIFFs or HEIF/HEIC.

There shouldn't be a compromise in quality when converting a RAW to JPEG on LR Mobile. Right now the options are "Small" or "Maximum available", and the "Max" setting is half the size of a "Full Size" JPEG saved to a PC.

I was told by Adobe Support that the reason LR Mobile saves JPEGs so small is that there are "hardware limitations" with the iPad. Considering iOS apps such as Affinity Photo have options to save JPEGs at 100%, i find the hardware limitation answer hard to believe. Nearly every iPad/iPhone photo program can save larger, better quality JPEGs than LR Mobile.

Heck, even SnapSeed, a Google product, saves higher quality DNGs to JPEGs than LR Mobile.

JPEG compression is an old technique. These days, iPads and iPhones have tons of storage and are very fast. Hardware shouldn't be an issue.

Please increase the number of JPEG saving options or allow us to set the JPEG compression ourselves (up to 100%). iPads are to the point of where there are usable for editing by professional photographers in the field. We need to be able to convert to the highest quality, non-RAW image possible for our clients.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Keith Shepard



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2 years ago

I dealt with the same issues before until I came across a workflow that allows you save the full size JPG. You basically share the images you want to save and hit “run workflow” and it enables all the changes you have input.

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Hmm... I appreciate the reply, but I don't have a "run workflow" option in Lightroom Mobile (iPad/iPhone) when I hit "Share". The only JPEG options I have for Lightroom Mobile on iOS are:

- Small - 2048px
- Maximum available

"Maximum available" on LR Mobile doesn't give me a full size JPEG (compared to LR on the PC or Affinity Photo on the iPad). I'm not sure what JPEG compression LR Mobile is using, but it's not "full size".

It would be great to have a "dial" or some way for me to set the JPEG compression myself.

Thanks again for the reply.

Keith Shepard