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Mon, Apr 9, 2018 11:38 PM


Lightroom mobile: Move pick/reject flag shortcut to left side of screen when left-handed option is selected

I’m grateful that Adobe finally added an option for left-handed editing. It is very helpful for lefties like me to have the editing tools on the left side. However, this option does NOT flip the star rating and pick/reject quick select swiping shortcuts. This is unfortunate because quickly culling photos is one of the main benefits of using Lightroom CC on an iPad, and it is awkward and slower for left-handed users to move their left hand to the right side of the screen to swipe the flag status up or down . It would greatly help most left-handed users if the pick/select flag selection shortcut was also moved to the left-side of the screen when the left-handed option is selected (and the less-used star rating shortcut to the right side of the screen).  Thank you.


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