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Sat, Apr 28, 2018 4:02 AM


Lightroom Mobile: Library Sync and Exporting Options

Library Sync instead of manually adding photos into the app. As well as exporting options. Ability to export as a new copy OR save it over the original. You'll know what I mean if you check out iOS Darkroom app. Please consider adding these. Thank you


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2 years ago

Have you tried setting up Auto Add? Look in Preferences to turn it on. It's not perfect yet (you can't just choose certain folders to upload) but it might work for you. Is there something you need that Auto Add won't do?

As for saving over originals, I'm curious why you'd want that? It goes against Lr's core design of "nondestructive editing" (in other words you can always undo changes you make) so isn't ever going to happen I'm afraid. But, there might be a different way to achieve the workflow you'd like...