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Sun, May 10, 2020 4:24 AM

Lightroom Mobile (iOS): (sometimes) not saving photos - in Limbo

I've read this 2 years ago closed thread : Lightroom Mobile (iOS): Not saving photos
But it's marked as solved...
and sort of have the same issue :

Sometimes, i'll be taking pictures from within the Lr App camera button (never from the home screen).
There will be grid, no flash, it's not HDR, this is Lr v. 5.2.4 34BCAC on iOS 12.3.1 on an iPhone 8. There's still 1GB free on my mobile, which is not so much, I know, but for a 50MB picture, should be enough.

I will see the small thumbnail at the corner.

But it's a cellphone, so, at the moment, i cannot confirm what happens next : do I keep Lr open, do I do something else, etc. Except, when I come at it later, images will be lost.

And it's not regular, it "might" happen, and when it does, I'm disappointed, but sometimes, it just happened. Today I had it twice, so frustration was near and repetitive, hence the message.

I don't know if there's a way to keep (and send you) Lr logs.

(My history with Lr also has the changes not saved after export, 2 years ago, I had developped a strategy of starring and flagging the images I would post so that it was "forced" to refresh the collection)


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1 y ago

The best way to proceed Franck is to catch it in the act.

When you get into this state, generate a log without restarting the App and send it in. 

Instructions for a log: 
iOS Log File
can be triggered when you open up the  Lr Mobile settings and then navigate in to the Help&Support section and long-press (2-3 sec) “Access our Support Forum”- entry and a diagnostic log will be generated and attached to your local mail client.