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Thu, Sep 27, 2018 12:04 PM


Lightroom mobile: Individual, by album choice for Smart Previews or Full Resolutions Images

Retain the “Only Download Smart Previews” toggle as a main Storage and Sync feature. But also include an individual, album-based overide toggle. For example, in the main, I prefer to save space. But occasionally when I’m editing on my iPhone or iPad, I prefer that album to have the full res images in the cache. When I’m ready to post, it lessens the time taken, as I don’t have to download the original first. So, it would be good to have an additional ‘Smart Previews / Full Res’ image toggle per album. The feature presentation, at album level, would be the inverse of whatever the main toggle was enabled on. For example, if I enabled the global toggle to ‘Smart Previews’, then at an album level, I could be offered to download ‘Full Resolution’ images for that album only. Assuming this feature is employed, when a user has a mix of full res and smart preview albums, but then decides to switch the global toggle in ‘Cloud Storage & Sync’, the user could be prompted, “Apply to all albums?” If the user selects ‘Yes’, then all albums - regardless of prior preference - are converted to either Smart Previews or full resolution. If the user selects ‘No’ to the prompt, then all albums that are currently set to the inverse of their global selection, are kept intact with their granular selection. I hope I’ve made that clear enough.Regards,R.Bridgewater


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