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Fri, Oct 26, 2018 3:37 PM

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Lightroom mobile: GPS data tags include Image direction in EXIF data

I discovered just now that several GPS data tags are not included in the EXIF data when taking photos with the Lightroom app on my iPhone. The missing EXIF tags include 'GPSAltitudeRef', 'GPSAltitude', 'GPSTimeStamp', 'GPSImgDirectionRef', 'GPSImgDirection' and 'GPSHPositioningError'. When taking photos with my phone's default camera app, these tags are included, but when taking photos with the Lightroom for iOS app, the tags are omitted. I hope this can be fixed soon.


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2 years ago

Hi Axel, thanks for pointing this out!  I filed a bug report for the team to address in a future release.