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Wed, Nov 8, 2017 1:12 PM

Lightroom mobile for iOS: Edit In Fix or Mix saves back a duplicate image

In the Lightroom CC app on iPad (assuming iPhone too), when you have Photoshop Fix and Mix installed, you can choose to "Edit In" and the image is sent to a temporary workspace. Once you make the fix or mix changes and tap the thin blue bar at the top to save and return, the image comes back in as a copy of the original and as a PNG.

Is this working as designed? Why wouldn't the changes be applied to the original image as a stack or without visually duplicating the image?

Also, since there is an option to Edit In in maximum or scaled resolution, it makes it seem the fix or mix adjustments are working with a maximum or scaled preview—coming back to LRCC as changes. BUT, that's not the case. If you don't choose maximum, the copy that comes back to LR is a smaller pixel size—2,000 pixels wide or so.


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3 years ago

All that seems about right. LR is exporting an image to the other app, and that in turn is doing the same to LR. Its not like on the desktop where you can keep the raw workflow.
Also LR CC doesn't do stacks.

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3 years ago

My concern exactly!