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Wed, Apr 4, 2018 10:35 AM


Lightroom mobile: Automatic jump to next picture / avoid unnecessary swipe while reviewing pictures

Hi while using LR mobile for reviewing pictures (often >500 pics) I need to swipe very time to the right after I performed my user selection (checkmark, box or cancel icon).

This is really very user unfriendly because that additional swipe is superfluous.

As such after a user review (up, middle or down) LR mobile should jump to the next picture as this was the case with Photosmith a couple of years ago!

The function that I am talking about that lakes this behavior is called "Bewertung" in German and the automatic function (jump to next picture automatically) is implemented in LR CC Classic already!!!!



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3 years ago

Could be a nice option (to check or not :) )
To my knowledge, this has already be requested, so you could "vote" for the request in that topic ;-)