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Thu, Jun 7, 2018 11:00 AM


Lightroom Mobile (Android): Restore File Information Overlay in Grid View

Hello,for amount one year i tested Lightroom Mobil for Android.Now the App are have any Features to use it also same Tools as the Desktop version.Now i have buy it, but follow must have Feature are deleted from Adobe.In the Thumbnail (Grid View) the Overlay for the File Informations are missing. In older Versions are displayed File-Names - Exifdata, Ratings, Flags ...See Attached Screenshots from German Version and in this Help the 3 fingers Touch are removed. Apple iOS App for iPhone and iPad it's available. Why do you delete this Feature on Android App.See attached Screenshots from iOS how it's available. This feature are for see the File Information in a list of may files and I can select the needed Files. For Example for Add to a Album or to export all files with 5 Ratings or Flags. Currently I only use the Filter but i can't see filter by name to find my files to select. Dear Christian


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8 months ago

Incredible that in 2 years no-one else has asked about this. I'm a new user of the android app and it's the first thing I noticed. Why can't we have photo info in the grid? I specifically want to see which photos are rejected. They should be greyed out like in all other apps.