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Thu, Jul 14, 2016 11:42 PM


Lightroom mobile: Allow application of rating & stars to multiple photos at once

Allow me to select multiple photos and apply stars & ratings to the selected photos. Frequently I like to mark all photos as 3-stars, then filter on >= 3 stars. I then start setting photos I don't like to 2 stars to remove them from the visible set. As it is I can't mark all photos as 3 stars in one batch, I instead have to use the desktop to do it.


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8 m ago

Yes, Adobe please bring this feature to iOS as well

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6 m ago

Hi, I already asked months ago about the ability to enter caption text (or keywords) for multiple photos at once. On Android it has been possible for months, on iPad/iOS the feature does not exist.

Most photographers who need to submit photos to editorial clients and publications are required to transmit captioned images. 

The iPad is very portable, but if I need to edit an assignment in the field and send 50 images with some different subjects, it becomes slow and tedious to enter captions one by one. 

Also the caption field box is only one line, which makes it hard to copy/cut/paste a selection of text for another caption (I need to enter subject name. event, location, credit, so some text may be common for all the photos and other specific for some subsets). 

I am not sure why this feature that is available on Android and on Lightroom Classic, is not an option on the iPad. 

It has been almost a year since I submitted a similar post, and Adobe has been silent. 

Is it an iPad OS specific problem or an oversight by part of Adobe? 

Thank you


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