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Thu, Nov 29, 2018 8:45 PM

Lightroom iPad App: Possible to start with a blank page?

I am trying to improve my workflow in Lightroom for iPad. But every time I restart Lightroom I see “All Photos” on the front page. I was hoping to start with a blank page, or maybe shortcut to albums/folders. Is this possible? Seeing “All photos” is very unorganized start in my option. Thanks in advance for your good support.


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3 y ago

I agree that starting with all photos is a bit much. But on my iPad with LR CC, I've got a workaround that seems to work fine even if I swipe the app away to completely quit it. I leave LR CC in the photo I'm editing or go into an album, and it picks up right where I left off. So while I'm no expert in LR CC, I think that's what you can do, too.