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Sun, Jul 1, 2018 10:03 AM


Lightroom for mobile: Crop Guides need Fibonacci spiral

I would like to have the Fibonacci spiral as an option when choosing a grid/guideline for composing photos :)


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2 years ago

You can do

Our site can come back

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2 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled grid options.

more grid options in the camera and cropping tool

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2 months ago


I now work exclusively on the Ipad version on Lightroom CC. It's great. Seriously, good job.
Sadly, though, the cropping guide overlays (diagonals, spiral, etc...) available on Classic are still missing and I find myself having to either go back to the desktop app or considering alternative softwares.
I, however, really enjoy this ecosystem and how you've been steadily improving this particular application for the Ipad.

Please keep up the good work and do consider my request, it'd be a massive improvement on an already great experience so far.

Thank you.